Whether it’s flooding from a hurricane, a power outage from a tornado or slippery roads from an ice storm, it’s important to keep your eye on the sky. Stay alert and informed about the weather, and always be prepared to react if necessary.

National Hurricane Center Weather Map
Two-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Lordy, this overstates the threat to Houston. Sure, there's the potential for hail and maybe some damaging winds, but chances are fairly low. Flooding? Most modeling suggests 0.5-2 inches of rain. Should clear the area before rush hour Thursday.

Even light rain makes roads more deadly, new study finds. Light rain increases risk of fatal car crash 27%. Moderate precip increases risk 75%; Risk is nearly 2.5X more for heavy rain & snow. Precip increases risk 34% overall.

Over the last month, I’ve been testing a Google Home Hub from our sponsor, @reliantenergy—this is one of those “smart” devices that you’ve probably seen a commercial for on television. Here's what I thought:

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