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Driving safety tips

Texas weather can bring about unique challenges that make driving unsafe. Intense thunderstorms with heavy rainfall can lead to flash floods, turning roadways into treacherous streams. Hailstorms and tornadoes can cause significant damage to vehicles and pose serious risks to drivers on the road. Scorching summer heat waves can cause the pavement to buckle and force engines to work harder to function in the heat. It is crucial to stay vigilant, monitor weather alerts and exercise caution when navigating Texas roads, especially during periods of severe weather.

While it’s not recommended to drive during inclement weather, here are some things you can do to help stay safe on the road:

  • Slow down and maintain distance from other vehicles
  • Turn on headlights to increase visibility
  • Pull over safely in rest areas, gas stations or parking lots if conditions deteriorate
  • Avoid flooded areas and never attempt to drive through flood waters
  • Watch for hazards like fallen trees, debris or power lines
  • Stay calm and focused and avoid distractions like mobile phones or loud music 

Monitoring road conditions

Your safety and well-being are our greatest priority. We encourage you to follow the advice of local officials and use resources like the ones below to stay current on road conditions and flooding in your area. This will allow you to make informed decisions if you need to evacuate during a severe weather event.  


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